Tips for Trips: Why Organizing Your Own Vacation May Be Harder Than It Looks


As an experienced traveler, I have seen just about everything; the good, the bad and everything in between when it comes to travel. The things I’ve learned along the way help me now when hopping from country to country, although I wish I had known them when I first started travelling. The major lesson the traveling has taught me is to always use a tour guide.

Unless you plan on visiting a place more than once, it’s extremely hard to get to know a city with just a map and a booklet. That was my first mistake when visiting Barcelona. The city was much bigger than I expected and I ended up only seeing the bare minimum of must-see attractions.

usatravelonlineThe other reason tour guides are great is because they’ve already done all the planning for you. Because it isn’t their first time making the trip, tour guides know where to go and in what order to be most effective. I’ve spent way too much time in my past travels just staring at a map or searching for the best places to eat online. With the great guides that are offered by, everything is already planned out and if you want to go somewhere that’s not on the itinerary, they’ll point you in the right direction. Talking with people that actually know the area is so much faster and a lot more likely that you’ll get better results.


Juggling prices is what usually influences where I go and when. However, tour guides take that tedious task out of the process. Like most travelers, I tend to stick to a tight budget. Therefore, I’m constantly watching flights and hotels weeks in advance to find the best deal. Sometimes I would even spend hours at a time looking for the best options. It was a headache to plan and sometimes even discouraged me from making a trip, but makes it simple. They already have prices posted for each trip and I can easily choose the best deal for my budget without searching so far in advance and worrying about whether or not I’m getting a good deal.

Speaking of good deals, It’s always cheaper to travel in groups which is another reason I much prefer guided tours over solo traveling. Not only does have already good deals, but it gets even better when traveling with friends or family! It’s usually a bit cheaper for the second person to travel and sometimes the third person travels for free! A lot of times they will have awesome sales when if 2 people pay, 2 more will get to tag along for free! It’s safer as well and, plus, it’s always more comforting to travel with someone you know.


Traveling is an unpredictable hobby. You never know what you’ll see or what will happen along the adventure, but part of that makes the experience all the better. Traveling alone is great for moving at your own pace, but for an organized, valuable and safe trip, tours are really the only way to go.