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5 Days Hawaii – 2 Islands tour



Tour Code: s5
Duration: 5 Days 4 Nights

Tour is conducted in CHINESE language


Waikiki Resort Hotel

Single: Double: Third Person: Fourth Person:
$1060 $530(/person) free $120

Wonderful trip you arrive from Honolulu Honolulu airport (HNL) begin, enthusiastic tour guides dressed in green with white flowers POLO fir uniforms await your arrival at the airport, and then send you to stay and rest. You can arrange the rest of the time: Oahu (Oahu) Hawaii is the human and economic center, the island has a population of about eight hundred and forty thousand, with a total area of 608 square miles and a coastline of 112 miles. Day tour will take you to experience more of Oahu scenery.

  1. Free luxury cars
  2. pick-up machine Offers 3-star to 5-star hotel
  3. so you have more choices Stroll the famous resort
  4. tropical feel Providing a meal us $ 15 sumptuous Chinese buffet lunch  Pearl Harbor, China Town and City Tour

Day 1 : Hometown → → Honolulu Airport Hotel
Domestic flights: Regardless of whether you carry luggage, please take your luggage to take flight at the meeting  of international flights: Please pick yourself out of customs officers at the international exit pick you up (pick-up guides dressed in green with a white flower pattern uniforms)  pick-up line: Monday to Friday (09: 00a-17: 00p ) please dial 1-808-845-5300 or 1-800-821-1210 (for free)  at other times (17: 00p-22: 00p ) please dial 1-808-206-1041 Xie │ emergency phone please dial 1-808-348-8088 Mr. Zhang
Day 2 : free exercise of Pearl Harbor, China Town, City Tour
We place specified on the car to pick you up later, then set out to today’s trip after arrival at Pearl Harbor, you have a 2.5-hour time (07:30 am-10:00am) calendar watch Battleship Arizona Memorial This is caused by the US Seventh Fleet free project must line up to get tickets to take the Navy to provide military motorboat Memorial, pay tribute to the Japanese sunk the USS Arizona (tickets are due to who should and who acquire provisions, if you can not get tickets, it Unable to take the boat to visit the military, will be changed overlooking updating) Note: Pearl Harbor for counter-terrorism, require visitors to any of the “package” can not enter (as long as the size of the fist, are too large to be brought in) Set to continue city tour itinerary today’s  visit, Hawaii Government building (not off), the governor’s mansion (not off), the nation’s oldest, more than 200 years of Chinese city (not off), the bronze statue of Sun Yat-sen (do not get off ), the first Hawaiian King statue (off), the King Palace (off) City Hall (not off), visit Hawaii specialty display and sell (off), return to the hotel around 11:45 am-12:00pm

Day 3 : Island Tour
Am free, you yourself walk to the world-famous – Waikiki Beach to enjoy the sun and fun of playing in the water First, to the world-famous Waikiki Beach —- (not off), via Diamond Head Crater (not off), beautiful sea view surfing center (off), the exclusive residential area (not off), Hanauma Bay (off) , Ocean Spring spout (off), sauna beach (off), ornamental rabbit Island, turtle Island (off), white beach (not off), Hawaiian aboriginal reservation (not off), large Pali Lookout (off)

Day 4 : large roundabout, glass Linixiya Cultural Center (including tickets, dinner, Show)
Departure, after passing through the central mountains of Oahu, go north along the coast, passing through: Chinese Hat Island, Turtle Island along the beautiful sea view over a 42-acre cultural center, ornamental consists of seven folk culture of different tribes. village can enjoy an extensive buffet dinner, after dinner to watch performances by the staff of a hundred grand traditional Hawaiian song and dance performances, and breathtaking Hawaiian fire real performances swallow, which lasted for eighty minutes back to the hotel about 22:00 pm-22.: 15pm

Day 5 : Honolulu Airport Hotel → → Hometown
Take major airlines, back to sweet home, I wish a pleasant journey!


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